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Coloured Concreting

We have come a long way in the concreting world. We’re always looking for that extra edge that can give your property the modern look we are all looking for. A finish that’s a little nicer than the original grey concrete finish. And coloured concreting is just one of those options.

This modern way of concreting is a solution that allows you to achieve the right look for your property, Usually in the way of a driveway, or pathway. While at the same time making your surface areas safer and less slippery for your loved ones.

Idig is a well know concreting and landscaping local company working within the Canberra area. Because of our years of concreting in the area, this style of concrete is just one of the many styles we can offer you.

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Let’s take a look at what coloured concrete is.


When coloured concrete is made an oxide component is added to the concrete mix. It’s done in a way that adds texture to the mix. Once poured the surface is protected with a sealant. This helps to add durability to the concrete. Overall you’ll get a better finished product from the sealant as well.

The coloured concrete can be used for many areas of the yard, not just a driveway. You can use this type of concrete for an outdoor entertainment area, a pathway or even just a small patio area. The choice is yours.

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