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Exposed Aggregate Concreting. What Is It?


This is where it gets interesting. Because this type of concrete can be tailored to you. What do I mean?

Well, the interesting thing with this type of concrete is the rocks we add to the mix. There’s a number of options. They include.

We can add rocks, pebbles, certain stones and in some cases shells to the mix. As we add these to the mix we make sure they retain a level of coarseness to the mix and they are not crushed up too much. This is for 2 reasons. The first is this type of concrete mix obviously adds an appealing appearance to not only the concrete but to your property as well. They look great up against a landscaped garden. And the second they add an extra element of gripping to the surface. Even though concrete is pretty grippy. The surface is also sealed for extra durability.



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When we sit down to discuss your project, We’ll offer you a wide variety of rocks and pebbles along with colours that will best suit the look and style you’re going for. Here we can discuss your thoughts on what you have in mind. The great thing about this type of concrete is you can pretty much custom design your look.


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